Additional Services

Trans-tracheal Oxygen Catheters

For patients with advanced lung disease who require high amounts of supplemental oxygen, Dr. deKeratry and Dr. Fields place trans-tracheal oxygen therapy catheters in the office setting. These catheters are placed under local anesthesia and are well tolerated. By placing the oxygen delivery catheter directly into the trachea (as opposed to the nose), the typical patient is able to decrease their oxygen flow rates by 55% at rest and 30% with activity.

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Percutaneous Dilational Tracheotomy (PDT)

For critically ill patients who remain on prolonged life support, it may be necessary to transition from a standard endo-tracheal tube to a tracheotomy tube. PDT’s are performed at the bedside in the ICU while the patient is sedated. This type of trachetomy may be used as a short or long term device, depending on the patient’s needs. Both of our physicians are exceptionally skilled at placement of PDTs.

Pulmonary Nodule Clinic

Pulmonary nodule clinic is an innovative option for patients with single or multiple pulmonary/lung nodules. It is primarily run by our doctors who follow the most up to date Fleischner radiology guidelines. With each patient we focus treatment options and follow up with a multi-specialty team approach including Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons, Oncologists, Interventional Pulmonary and Interventional Radiology.