Diagnostic Bronchoscopy

At Georgetown Pulmonary Associates (GPA), we perform diagnostic flexible video-bronchoscopy.

Patients who may need this procedure are those who have a pulmonary nodule or mass, abnormal chest x-ray, chronic cough (with or without blood) or abnormal sputum production.

For the comfort of our patients, a bronchoscopy is performed under sedation and analgesia. Our patients are closely monitored by our physicians and registered nurse who maintain certifications in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS). Patients who undergo this outpatient procedure must be accompanied by a family member or friend to assist them at home upon discharge from the clinic.

For patients with enlargement of the lymph nodes in the chest (which is often found with chest x-ray or CT scans), we offer an advanced form of bronchoscopy termed Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS). EBUS is an advanced diagnostic technique commonly used by interventional pulmonologists that allows for very precise sampling (biopsy) of the lymph nodes in the chest. EBUS can be used to determine the cause of enlarged lymph nodes in the chest and also as a staging technique for patients with lung cancer. EBUS bronchoscopy is also performed under sedation and analgesia for the comfort of our patients.

We perform “Narrow Band Imaging” (NBI) which may help detect the early occurrence of cancers involving the main bronchial tubes or trachea. Additionally, we perform electro-magnetic navigation bronchoscopy in our affiliate hospital(s) which allows us to biopsy nodules that are small or otherwise difficult to access.